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ST.Mortiel Kitsune Delorean App sheet

Name: Kitsune Delorean


Age: 16


Birthday: 06/04/2001


Gender: Male


Species: Typhlosion


Ability: Flash Fire


Nature / Characteristic:


Thoroughly Cunning


Height: 1.7m


Weight: 69.5kg


Typing: Fire


Hometown: Castelia City (he was born there)


Personality: Just judging by his looks you might think that he is an emo, but he really isn’t, he loves being out and making people smile or laugh, he is a good person, to the point that if he sees a friend or family member getting hurt or bullied that he would try to protect them, this would mostly end with him getting in trouble, but he doesn’t care just as long he protect the friends and family he loves, even if this is something cliché, if he meets someone new he say hi and try to befriend them, if he feels he is annoying them he would apologize to them. 

Even though he is outgoing, he isn’t a morning person, he is always tired cause he stays up late at night doing things, which is either training or drawing, he prefers the night because it makes him feel calm, he loves to listen to the night time sounds and it inspires his drawings.

He isn't easily to anger, but when he does he tries to run away, but majority of the time he stays and yells at the one who angered him, or if they angered him by hurting his friends, he will hit back, he wont always do this but he will do it more then run away and trying to calm down.

+Highly Curious: He is extremely curious about things and why they are like that, he believes his curiosity is a curse as it leads him into trouble, but sometimes his curiosity leads him to the truth

+Determined: he is always determined to reach his goals, if he fails he will try again, and again until he either succeed or sees no point in trying

+/-Loner: though being outgoing, there are times where he prefers to be just alone and not interact, this is usually when he is drawing or is trying to calm down, but sometimes he just wants to get away and let his thoughts flow through his mind

+/-Even Tempered: he isn’t easily annoyed or angered, but if someone made fun of his friend or his family, he would get angry, this is usually when he either runs away or attack, be hopefull he doesn’t attack(he doesn't run away most of the time) as he had trained hard ever since he was a cyndaquil, that and the fact that his two main attacks he would use are Brick Break and Fire Blast, plus his special attack is very high, so its suggested that if he doesn’t run away in anger that you should run.




Adolfo Delorean (Father) (alive)

Sakura Kage Delorean (Mother) (alive)

Ademar Delorean (Grandfather (dad side)) (alive)

Sarah Delorean (Grandmother (dad side)) (dead)

Hana Kage (Grandmother (mother side)) (alive)

Momotaro Kage (Grandfather (mother side)) (unknown)

Egg (younger sibling) (currently unhatched)


Kendov Ferrari (Best friend) (alive)

Joe Ventura (Family friend) (alive)

??? ditto (Friend/First Kiss)


His father is Adolfo Delorean, a Typhlosion who was a wrestler, he was trained by his dad Ademar Delorean the Emboar Luchador, Adolfo fought in wrestling matches under the name FireFang the Typhlosion. His mother is Sakura Kage, a Zoroark who was a makeup artist/fashionista, she was taught how to apply makeup to actors from her mother Hana Kage who was a retired Makeup artist.

Adolfo and Sakura met when Adolfo was asked to act for a commercial for a sports drink, sadly the whole shoot went wrong so they had to try again the next day, Adolfo was packing up to leave until he was interrupted by Sakura, she had offered him to go to a coffee shop for a cup of coffee, he accepted and they both left to the coffee shop. Adolfo and Sakura had a conversation about their parents, and about their lives, and like a romantic cliché that involves a coffee shop they fell in love

In 2001 Sakura had laid an egg, the egg would later hatch into Kitsune, Sakura and Adolfo took care of Kitsune, at this time Adolfo had opened up a gym(not the type that has a gym leader) and had retired from his Wrestling career, but this didn't mean he retired from fighting, He trains young pokemon in fighting, he spars with pokemon who ask to spar with him. Sakura on the other hand had opened up a fabric and costume shop for those who want to get fabric for clothing, cosplay or other things. There was often times when neither of them could take care of kitsune, so they would have to ask either one of their parents to take care of him.

timeskip to when kitsune was a bit older, he was homeschooled until he was 9 years old, this was cause his mother was scared to send him to school in case he would get bullied cause, she was very paranoid and was worried he would be picked on cause of his eyes or the way he talks or cause his mother was over protective of him, the only reason he was allowed to when he was nine was cause his father had convinced sakura to let him go to school. during his first week of school he didn't have many friends and he was a bit of a loner no wanting to be part of a group or joining others, he felt awkward talking to others, this was cause of how long he was homeschooled and didn't have much interactions with other pokemons except his parents, grand parents and family friends so he didn't knew how to make friends, he continued being a loner, but he didn't realize that he was getting attention from other pokemons cause of how famous his dad and granddad was, this would continue until he bumped into a certain Chimchar named Kendov Ferrari. Kendov was running late to class and had bumped into kitsune which caused a little misunderstanding that sent them both to detention, in detention kendov had apologized to kitsune and offered to be his first friend from that time on in school.

timeskip to a bit later in life, Kitsune had gotten older and began training in his father's gym, he trained on the punching bags that focused on Special Attack, he had done so much training and he had sparred with his friend Kendov and with his own father that he had leveled up and evolved, of course he was so unfamiliar being Quilava and so used to being a Cyndaquill that he had gotten scared after he had evolved, especially since he needed to get used to having fire coming from his head and his "ass"(not too sure what to say for that ok), it took him about a week to get used to it, he also had to get new clothes since his old ones were now tight for him, sadly the only clothes that would fit him were a t-shirt and pants that were made for female bodies as male clothing were somehow too big for him and looked very baggy on him, Kitsune however didn't mind, during this time, he had started to make lots of friends at his school, and he had also gotten attention of pokemon who thought he was a girl, but he was oblivious to the fact he was seen as a girl cause of the female clothing and the fact he decided to grew his hair out so he could put it in a pony tail, and his body looked feminine,but that didn't matter for him as he was busy making friends, studying and stealing from bullies for his friends, this was all until an incident, his friend Kendov had gotten into a fight, Kendov was a strong pokemon but he was losing, Kitsune had gotten angry, this was the first time he had gotten angry at anyone that had caused him to retaliate using Quick attack and Furry Swipes, he was so shocked at what happened, he had attacked the pokemon that kendov was fighting and he had done it with such force that it caused them to pass out in pain, Kendov was surprised but not at what happened but at Kitsune who was actually crying, it turned out that Kitsune was hated fighting out in anger or hurting anyone, Kitsune preferred to fight for fun not in anger. 

After the incident, Kitsune stayed home and missed days of school, he refused to leave his room, he was scared that he might hurt more pokemon, this went on for weeks, until he did returned to school cause his friend Kendov had dragged him back (and when i say dragged him back, i mean he litterally dragged him back), Kitsune had a hard time as pokemon were scared of him and his friends at school avoided him except for kendov, Kitsune became a loner again, he wanted to be alone and didn't want anyone to go near him. But one of his friends who was avoiding him had gone to him and kissed him as a way to tell him that they had a crush on him and wanted him to come back to them, it was this that made Kitsune realized that he didn't want to be alone, his friend was happy that they had made him realized this but was sad that Kitsune didn't accept to date them, Soon after Kitsune tried his best to make others not afraid of him.

timeskip to his 14th birthday, kitsune was training at his father's gym and had evolved into a Typlosion one day, this confused his father but his grandfather was there and had said that it was cause Kitsune had trained a lot and it had caused him to evolve a lot earlier than most of the Cyndaquil line, Kitsune wasn't as surprised at his evolution and had continued his training. on his birthday his mother revealed to him that he will be going to St.Mortiel if he gets accepted, Kitsune was happy as he heard that the school would be a good place to learn what he needed if he wanted to be a Novelist, he also heard that he would be able to make new friends there, but that wasn't the only thing, His Grandmother had gave him the TM for Power-Up Punch, and his GrandFather had given him the TMs for Brick Break and Fire blast because he had always trained his special attack over his regular attack. After a few weeks he was sent to Hearthome City in Sinnoh, his Grandmother had come along with him cause he was Unfamiliar with the place and she knew where to go.

thats all for now


Level: 40


Evolution Level(s): Level 5 Cyndaquill - level 14 Quilava - Level 39 Typhlosion


Level-Up Moves:

Cyndaquil:Tackle, Tail Whip, Quick attack, Ember
Quilava:Quick attack, Ember, Swift, Flame Wheel
Typhlosion:Flame Wheel, Quick Attack, Smoke Screen, Ember

TMs/HMs/Egg Moves/Tutor Moves:

Egg Move: Furry swipes

TMs/HMs Moves: Brick Break, Fire Blast, Power-Up Punch


Classes: Science, Art, Religious studies, Language, Physical Education and Health, Battle

Extra-Curricular Activities: Computer & Gaming Club


Notes / Fun facts:
-although not stated in the history even though it should, he was comonly mistaken to be sleeping in class cause his eyes looked like they were closed

-He did a lot of training which is the reason why he had evolved at a young age

-He is Bisexual, but is mostly attracted to females

-He was seen as a female when he was younger, but he had no idea, but his parents did, they assumed it was cause of his long hair

-Since his father is a fighter, he enjoys fighting if its only for fun

-Since his mother is a Makeup artist/fashionista, he does know a bit about fashion

-unknown to his parents, he steal things from others if they had stolen something from his friend or another pokemon

-He hates it when someone asks him to pick a side due to his sexuality

-He can purr...wait is that even useful

-He loves being creative, and he is dreaming of being a freelance novelist and makes his own illustrations for his book

-can speak Japanese and English, his Grandmother taught him Japanese in secret

-when stressed his accent sounds Hispanic

-he has emo hair, but he isn’t emo, don’t make fun of his hair

-he loves hanging out with his parents and loves his grandparents on both side

 -his grandfather on his dad side is a Emboar who is a luchador, which explains why he has a Hispanic accent
  -his accent is american/australian but that isn't his real accent, he hides his hispanic accent which is his real accent
   -The reason why he hides his true accent is cause he doesnt like how he sound and prefers to use the fake accent cause he believes it sounds better 

 -his grandmother on his mother side teaches him how to draw and make things, hence why he loves being creative

-though being a guy, he isn’t afraid to wear female clothing, in fact one of his clothing that he has for when he goes outside at night is meant for females

-he hates it when someone steals without reason

 -that being said he actually will have reasons to steal

-he hates being made fun cause of his last name


tell me if any changes are needed



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